10 Crafty Must-Haves

Your craft stash would not be complete without these simple items

Everyone deserves a little down-time to have some fun and explore their favorite crafty hobbies from knitting to scrapbooking. However, it's hard to break out the paints and construction paper if your craft supply is low or non-existent! Even if you don't have any particular activities in mind, your craft stash would not be complete without these ten crafty must-haves for any home.

1. Scissors

There are scissors for every task, and a true crafter will build a large collection. Fabric scissors create clean cuts without pulling the cloth, while a sharp pair of paper scissors (or even a table paper cutter) produces solid lines. Embroidery scissors are ideal for cutting threads or fixing small mistakes. You can even try using scrapbooking scissors to create zigzag or wavy edges.

2. Construction or Scrapbook Paper

Paper is one of the most versatile items in a crafter's closet. Let construction paper bring out the kid in you, or highlight your children's memories by filling in your scrapbook with beautiful types of paper. You should be willing to experiment, as art-journaling using creative mediums is all the rage.

3. Decoupage Glue

If you ever play with mixed media, decoupage glue should be a regular staple in your house. Just cut out your favorite shapes in paper or fabric, and layer them with this excellent sealant. Revitalize an old dresser or table with a personalized touch, or decoupage a jewelry box for a custom-made gift.

4. Paints

Paint comes in a wide variety of options, and is guaranteed to be a family favorite. Finger-paints and watercolors are ideal for your little ones, but don't hesitate to join in the fun. Oils and acrylics will inspire you to new creative heights, but don't neglect fabric paints or tie-dye for a fun play-date.

5. Markers and Writing Implements

Markers, crayons and other writing utensils are a must. Gel pens are ideal for writing cute captions, and colored pencils add the perfect amount of shading and detail. For more utilitarian uses, fabric markers and pencils allow you to mark before you cut, and dry erase markers let you keep track of your favorite craft ideas.

6. Washi Tape

This Japanese specialty tape has really made a statement in the craft world, coming in a seemingly endless variety of colors and patterns. It can be used for nearly any project, so go wild and experiment. For tougher jobs, check out the recently released styles of duct tape.

7. Beads

Kids can't get enough of beads! Choose delicate, smaller beads to make elegant necklaces and bracelets, or large ones for chunky jewelry. Beads and charms aren't limited to being strung along, they can be woven into knitting and crochet projects just as easily.

8. Yarn and Other String

You may not think about yarn if you're not already a knitter or crocheter, but its versatility earns it a home in any crafter's house. Use it, or other ribbon, string, or thread, to tie up posters or trim a finished picture. It's also an excellent choice for kids who are still learning their fine motor skills. Stringing beads onto yarn or thick string can be easier than thin jewelry wire.

9. Hole Punches

These aren't just for notebooks anymore! While a standard 3-hole punch is a necessity, check out the fun cutout punches available in almost any shape. Kids will have fun making confetti with them, while you can use them more sparingly to add a touch of class to any stationery, envelope or scrapbook page.

10. Glitter

Glitter seems to show up automatically in a crafter's stash. This adds the right amount of shine to any project, as well as the rest of the house! To keep it more contained, opt for glitter glue, glitter markers or glitter stickers.

Having these craft staples close at hand, makes any art project just moments away. Endless trips to the store can be avoided when you keep your craft supplies well-stocked, and these ten items will keep the most creative members of your house happy for many hours.

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