Longtime Teen-Retailer dELiA*s goes bankrupt, will close forever.

The second mall franchise to close this week. Who is next?

The demise of an iconic brand

Children of the 90s, I'm the bearer of bad news. According to Buzzfeed, one of our iconic brands, dELiA*s has filed for bankrupcy.

Delia's is best known for its cheeky t-shirts, maxi skirts, baggy cords, flowered chokers, and how could we forget, blow up furniture. So how can a brand that set the trends in the ‘90s become completely irrelevant in 21st Century? How many of our other favorite brands are also failing to thrive in this ever-changing retail environment?!

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There are several reasons why Delia's and many other teen retailers are having difficulties staying relevant. The first reason is something many retailers have had to grapple with -- teenage shoppers are going to the mall less, opting to shop online. Plus, this demographic is gravitating more towards fast-fashion brands like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 because they are delivering runway styles to the stores quickly and offering a huge selection at an affordable price point.

Looking back to the winter of 1996 dELiA*s cataloge via Buzzfeed

The scariest part, Delia's is not alone. Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale have also announced weakening sales over recent quarters.

To this day I can't part with my favorite dELiA*s t-shirt that says "Will work for Shoes". What will you miss the most about dELiA*s?

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