24 Unique Stocking Stuffers you won't want to give away.

Why let Santa get all the credit?

1. Gold Angel Coins - Set of 7

Keep them for yourself and have an angel for each day of the week or give them to friends and family as tokens of love.

2. Bubble Calendar

Very few things in life are as satisfying as popping bubble wrap, so why not do it everyday.

3. Limited Edition Holiday Chocolate Truffles - 6 Piece Gfit Box

Luscious signature milk and dark chocolate treats so good, you might want to order and extra one for yourself!

4. I Love You More Than Coffee - 11 oz. Personalized Mug

It's a statement as bold and rich as the coffee you drink

5. Cookie Holder Mug

Better than keeping that napkin of cookies in your lap

6. Crumb Vacuum

Here's a mouse you'll want in your house!

7. Cucumbo Spiral Slicer

Slices cucumbers and zucchini into thin spiral ribbons, and ribbons make everything better

8. Cupcake Lip Balm

Heal chapped lips and make you that much more kissable, though I probably would refrain from eating it

9. UGG Genuine Shearling Headphone Earmuffs

Keep the tunes and phone calls going even in the coldest weather, and look great at the same time!

10. Evak Food Preserving System

When it comes to food storage, air is the enemy. Everyting from flour and sugar to nuts, cereal and coffee beans, will stay fresher longer.

11. Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

Tap seasonal drinks straight from the source with this easy-to-use kit that turns summer melons and pumpkins into all-natural kegs.

12. Women's Denali Etip Glove

Touch gloves that work from the people that invented staying warm

13. Retro Magnetic Kitchen Timer

Timers like these ticked off the seconds in kitchens across America half a century ago. So simple and easy to use, you'll ditch your ovens built in timer.

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